Alabamians Deserve Better

It’s time to end Alabama’s payday lending problem.

End the predatory cycle

These southern states have passed laws to end the predatory cycle.

Alabama must do the same!

Major Payday / Predatory Lenders

  • Community Choice Financial – Dublin, OH
  • Enova International – Chicago, IL
  • Advance America – Spartanburg, SC
  • Approved Cash Advance – Cleveland, TN
  • Check into Cash – Cleveland, TN
  • Check ‘n Go – Cincinnati, OH
  • Speedy Cash – Wichita, KS

**TitleMax – Savannah, GA

Last Year in Alabama

  • 2.1 million loans
  • Only 246,000 borrowers
  • 50% extended loan 6+ times
  • $116 million paid in fees alone

On the ballot, voters chose 36% APR

  • South Dakota (2016)
  • Montana (2010)
  • Arizona (2008)
  • Ohio (2008)

95 million people live in states without payday loans.

15 States and D.C. Cap Interest Rates to Prevent Predatory Lending.

Alabamians deserve better. It’s time to end
Alabama’s predatory lending problem.


Rate cap stops the payday debt trap.


Payday lending is explicitly prohibited and a violation of racketeering laws.

New York & New Jersey

Prohibit payday lending through their criminal usury statutes, limiting loans to 25% and 30% APR, respectively.


36% APR (2010 by ballot initiative, effective 2011)


28% APR cap; voters in late 2008 soundly rejected an industry ballot initiative to restore 390% APR.

South Dakota

In the 2016 national election, voters approved a 36% rate cap on all consumer loans.


Prohibits check-cashing companies from issuing loans based on post-dated checks and caps APR to less than 30%


Rate cap stops the payday debt trap.


17% APR usury cap in state Constitution. In 2010 voters adopted a 17% annual rate cap for consumer credit under the state constitution. In 2011, the legislature repealed the Act that had authorized payday lending.

West Virginia

Rate cap stops the payday debt trap.


Rate cap stops the payday debt trap.

North Carolina

Rate cap stops the payday debt trap.


Rate cap stops the payday debt trap.

New Hampshire

36% APR cap (2009)

Find My Legislator

The huge amounts of political contributions given by the payday industry to many Alabama legislators are a major factor of concern.


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